Life as an artist has brought me the pleasure of working in many different mediums, and I see now that it prepared me for the art of glass beadmaking, also known as lampworking. This particular art form has provided me with an endless, creative opportunity to work with fire, form, texture and best of all, color.

In 2001, I came across a woman making a glass bead. I was captivated and immediately hooked. Since I had most of the tools because of my jewelry business, I dove in knowing that practice is everything, mistakes can be a blessing. At the time there wasn't as much information available, so it was certainly trial by fire and more practice. This has been an incredibly joyful journey.

For me, lampworking is an opportunity for limitless artistic expression, even when you don't expect it! Employing different techniques using certain tools and executing the basics of design, color, texture and Magic, the possibilities are endless. I love that glass can be clear, crisp and frivolous or deep, rich and earthy. It reminds me of the Ocean, which has been a huge influence in my life. I marvel that I can go into my workshop, bless my torch and go play, never quite knowing where the torch will lead me. I get to experience a freedom of expression and the excitement that molten glass delivers. Or... it can land in my lap. Ahhh yes, Respect.
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